Using the 90,000 kernel per bushel equation to figure yields, our 2016 crop tour had an estimated 207.7 yield per acre. This year's results show the highest average population in the 30-year history of the crop tour. The uniformity of the stands helped the population reach its highest, and it was agreed upon that the ear sizing was mostly consistent overall and lacked the variable sizing differences noted in past years. While there was some weed and disease pressure, the crop seemed advanced enough that those would have already taken their tolls on yield. An estimated 85+% of the crop had already finished or was close to being done with the dent-stage, so the crop is on its way to "being made".

While all agreed that this was a very good crop thus far, there were some concerns with timing of some events throughout the growing stages. In 2014, there were a recorded 3 days above 90 degrees; just this week alone there are a forecasted 3 days of highs in the 90s. 2 months ago, we were wondering if it was ever going to rain again; last year in June, we were wondering if it was ever going to stop raining. While the wet June last year added holes to fields that were hard to account for, the warmer and drier than normal June this year helped set up the crop with the great population numbers noted. However, some stands showed some stress from the heat, and as a result, some tipping back was noted, although not near as much as anticipated.

The accumulated total of "hot" days has led us to using a more conservative kernel count than what we used in 2014. The relative lack of heat in 2014 showed a kernel count closer to 82,000 to be used in calculation; however, a number closer to 86,000 seems more appropriate this year. Obviously genetics will continue to evolve and add more health to the plants, and while the possibilty of a repeat-2014 with an even bigger population could still happen, the stress the crop endured early might have been enough to shave the top off of it. The one advantage this crop has over the 2014 crop is the consistent ear sizing and almost perfect pollination weather we had the first 2 weeks of July which kept the bottom from falling out on us with this year's yield. 


2016 Tremont Coop Crop Tour
  Population Rows Length Yield  
Adwell - South Pekin 32.5 16.4 34.8 207.1  
Spring Lake 32.6 16.4 38.0 224.4  
Tremont North 31.3 16.3 34.9 197.9  
Tremont South 31.6 16.7 34.9 203.3  
Averages 31.9 16.5 35.6 207.7  



kernel size




90,000 207.7
86,000 217.4
82,000 228.0