This year we are using a 90,000 kernel per bushel equation to figure yield again. Our actual yield estimate based off of yield checks nets a yield of 177 bushels per acre. We found this year had similar populations to last year and was rated as tied for our second-highest population, mostly due in large part to great emergence this spring. Last year our yield tour netted a 207-bpa, much lower than our actual yield which was closer to 231 bushels per acre. This year, we feel that our yield is more accurately represented to what the final will be, and we are leaning towards a low- to mid-180s yield if we used a smaller kernel count, as well. We do want to make clear the amount of variability found throughout many fields, however, and stress that we take these numbers as an overall approximation of what was found across many fields, including many of the wetter and lower-yielding spots.  Another observation from this year's tour is the advancement of the crop, as a much larger percentage (greater than 80%) of the crop was dented, whereas in past years that number was only maybe a quarter of the crop.
2015 Tremont Coop Crop Tour
  Population Rows Length Yield  
Adwell - South Pekin 32.0 16.1 33.4 191.3  
Spring Lake 29.8 16.4 32.9 178.2  
Tremont - North 32.4 15.7 28.6 162.6  
Tremont - South 31.7 16.3 31.0 177.3  
Averages 31.5 16.1 31.4 177.0  
kernel size
90,000 177
88,000 181
85,000 187

Thanks to Jacob Johnson for the aerial photos taken today.