How well did soybean planting go? In this Pods for Profits, soybean extension educator Mike Staton with Michigan State University shares how to evaluate soybean stands after planting and what populations can still be profitable if there was poor emergence.  ... (full story)

We kickoff the day with S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price MoM & YoY, House Price Index MoM & YoY, and House Price Index at 8:00 A.M., CB Consumer Confidence at 9:00 A.M., Dallas Fed Manufacturing Index at 9:30 A.M., Export Inspections at 10:00 A.M., 3-Month & 6-Month Bill Auction at 10:30 A.M.,... (full story)

RA_PY002 Raleigh, NC Tuesday, May 30, 2023 USDA-NC Dept of Ag Market News N.C. BROILER-FRYERS: The market tone is steady and the live supply is adequate to meet the moderate demand. Average weights are mostly desirable. The estimated slaughter for Tuesday in North Carolina... (full story)

Enrollment for the redesigned and relocated Farm and Industry Short Course through the University of Wisconsin is about half full. Steve Kelm with the River Falls campus tells Brownfield they are getting a lot of traffic at their online registration site. “I’ve been getting interest not only from Wisconsin, but... (full story)

(full story)

NW_LS452 St. Joseph, MO Tue May 30, 2023 USDA Market News USDA CARLOT VEAL CARCASS REPORT - Northeast and North Central Basis Compared to last week: The special fed veal carcass market was lower on comparable sales of veal calves. Demand was light to moderate on light to moderate... (full story)

AJ_PY029 Atlanta, GA Tue. May 30, 2023 USDA Market News Daily Weighted Average Trailer Load Egg Sales ... (full story)

AJ_PY034 Atlanta, GA Tue. May 30, 2023 USDA Market News Daily 5-Day Weighted Average Trailer Load Egg... (full story)

The excitement over the debt ceiling deal in principle is wearing off for the oil trade as there are some doubts that it will get the votes it needs. Yet the larger issues weighing on the oil market seems to be recycled Chinese economic worries along with the possibility that sanctions may be lifted on Iranian oil. (full story)

NW_LS196 Des Moines, Iowa Mon May 29, 2023 USDA Market News USDA NATIONAL STEER & HEIFER ESTIMATED GRADING PERCENT REPORT For Week Ending: 5/20/2023 National, Regional, and State Breakdown of Official USDA Quality Grades. Percentages derived from each... (full story)

(full story)

COLUMBIA, SC Tuesday, May 30, 2023 South Carolina State Farmers Market - Prices to Growers Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal State Market News Office Columbia, SC CA_FV001 Columbia Farmers Market - Wholesale prices paid to Growers until 9:00 a.m. for... (full story)

Palantir stock has more than doubled in the first five months of 2023. Can this AI stock continue to surge higher and reclaim record highs? (full story)
PLTR: 14.82 (+1.17)

Andrew Stevens New research by the University of Wisconsin’s Andrew Stevens at the Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics shows some forms of diversification were better than others in helping agribusinesses survive the market shocks caused by COVID 19. Managing for Profit 5/30/23 = Andrew Stevens A related story and... (full story)

BOSTON Ornamental Terminal Prices as of 30-MAY-2023 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News Service,... (full story)

The grain markets were able to stage an impressive rally last week on the back of hot and dry forecasts into a long weekend. (full story)

Click to view report lsddfss.pdf in PDF format (full story)

AM cotton prices are working with 8 to 240 point gains so far following the Memorial Day break. Friday’s round of trading lifted the board back up by 2.5% to 4% across the front months. For July, the 323 point rally into Memorial Day weekend only limited the week’s net... (full story)

Hog futures ended Friday with more triple digit losses to new life-of-contract lows. June settled the session 2% in the red for a net weekly drop of $6.95. June is also at a $15.62 loss so far for the month with 2 days remaining. USDA’s National Average Afternoon Base Hog... (full story)

The cattle futures market was mixed on Friday with fats making new contract highs and the feeders fading into the holiday weekend on rising feed costs. Live cattle futures settled up by 5 to 57 cents on the day, leaving June at a net $1.62 gain for the week. USDA... (full story)
LEM23: 168.050 (+0.700), LEQ23: 166.075 (+0.900), LEV23: 170.325 (+0.725), GFQ23: 237.300 (+3.375), GFU23: 240.450 (+3.350)

Wheat prices are down by double digits in early Tuesday futures trading. Wheat settled the last trade day before Memorial Day with gains across all three classes. Chicago futures led the way with 1.7% to 2% gains in the front months, and flipped to net higher for the week’s move.... (full story)
ZWN23: 590-6 (-25-2), ZWU23: 605-0 (-24-4), ZWPAES.CM: 5.2971 (-0.2525), KEN23: 782-6 (-36-4), KEPAWS.CM: 7.5476 (-0.3649), MWN23: 791-0 (-27-0)

Soy futures are down out of the weekend, with July beans having seen a 19c drop to the overnight low. Current prices have firmed some, but the front month bean futures are still double digits weaker. Soybean futures were 0.9% to 1.5% higher on Friday with double digit gains across... (full story)
ZSN23: 1309-4 (-27-6), ZSPAUS.CM: 12.8628 (-0.2884), ZSQ23: 1229-4 (-31-4), ZSU23: 1165-6 (-32-6)

Corn futures are trading near their overnight lows after a fairly tight range coming back from the 3-day Weekend. Current quotes are mostly 3 cents lower, though July is only 1/4 of a cent in the red so far. Corn futures posted 2.2% to 3.6% gains across the front months... (full story)
ZCN23: 597-2 (-6-6), ZCPAUS.CM: 6.2983 (-0.0683), ZCU23: 513-6 (-15-2), ZCZ23: 518-6 (-15-6)



The Chart of the Day belongs to the scientific and technical instrument company Vontier (VNT) . I found the stock by using Barchart's powerful screening functions to find stocks with the highest technical buy signals, highest Weighted Alpha, superior current momentum and having a Trend Seeker buy signal then used... (full story)
VNT: 29.90 (-0.13)

Earnings season is winding down, but we still have a couple of big names reporting including Broadcom (AVGO), Salesforce (CRM), Crowdstrike (CRWD) and Lululemon (LULU). (full story)
AVGO: 863.11 (+50.38), CRM: 217.33 (+1.89), CRWD: 156.10 (+1.98), LULU: 337.06 (-3.20), AMC: 4.59 (-0.05), NVDA: 409.73 (+20.27), AAPL: 177.53 (+2.10), BAC: 28.12 (-0.19), QCOM: 113.99 (+3.64), SNAP: 10.35 (+0.07), CSCO: 50.07 (+0.21), AMD: 125.85 (-1.18)

3 Big Things Today, May 30, 2023 (full story)

May was National Beef Month and to close it out, Sunday was National BEEF Burger Day.  And if we’re being honest – nothing says summer like a beef hamburger sizzling on the grill.  And while the grill is a fantastic way to cook your burger… it isn’t the only way.... (full story)

Secretary Yellen found a way to extend the debt ceiling deadline to June 5th. What will we see today? Read on to learn more... (full story)

Philadelphia 30-May-2023 Auction Sales - Prices To Growers Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News, Federal-State Market News Service, USDA Phone: (215) 551-6791 Fax: (215) 336-0355 AF_FV160 Fairview Kentucky Produce Auction Summary Data compiled by: Fairview Produce... (full story)

June S&P 500 futures (ESM23) are up +0.53%, and June Nasdaq 100 E-Mini futures (NQM23) are up +1.09% this morning on hopes that Congress will pass a debt ceiling bill to avert a first-ever U.S. default. (full story)
ESM23: 4,221.00 (+7.75), NQM23: 14,462.75 (+130.25), MRVL: 62.37 (-3.14), WDAY: 212.88 (-3.19), ULTA: 411.68 (-8.59), IOVA: 8.45 (+0.90), LXRX: 2.94 (-0.24), NVDA: 409.73 (+20.27), UHS: 131.86 (+3.88), F: 12.64 (+0.55), COIN: 60.60 (+3.68)

(full story)

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Looking to cash in from the summer season? Here are 3 airline stocks to consider now. (full story)
ALK: 45.78 (+0.68), CPA: 106.69 (-1.30), DAL: 36.42 (+0.53)

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